Meet the board 2016

The members of the Aallonhuiput board 2016 were selected in the annual meeting last December. Now’s the time you meet them.

We also warmly recommend you to participate in our events. They will be announced later in our Facebook group and on Twitter. Subscribe to either and you won’t miss out!

Anyway, here’s us:

pilvi_portPresident for this year is Pilvi Hietanen. She runs the show with a firm but gentle touch and makes sure Aallonhuiput is making PhD life better in Aalto. Pilvi is passionate about improving the status of doctoral students and always ready to discuss a variety of things related to doctoral studies. She’s doing research on numerical modeling of steel casting in the School of Chemical Tehnology – even though her worst grades in school were from maths & physics!

lauri_portLauri Saviranta is the vice president. He helps Pilvi in running Allonhuiput by, for example, managing corporate relations. Lauri is doing his PhD for School of Science about interfirm business and service development. He can elaborate on the topic once he returns from his “PhD progressing trip” in Brazil.


Noora Isoaho – the treasurer – is in charge of noorathe budget. She’s a PhD student in the School of Electrical Engineering and Automation. During the day Noora is saving the world with carbon-based electrochemical biosensors for neurotransmitters. During the night she is jamming on a roller derby track.



vincent_portBefore becoming the Aallonhuiput secretary Vincent Kuo had a difficult decision to make. He had to choose between becoming a PhD student in Finland (+3 C, cloudy) or a Civil Engineer in Seychelles (+30 C, mostly sunny). It was a no-brainer. Vincent is doing his PhD on Knowledge and competence management for engineering education in the School of Engineering.


zoran_portZoran Cenev is the party chief. What a title! Zoran arranges the quarterly pub nights and helps organizing other Aallonhuiput events. He’s an outgoing fellow with a knack for nanometer-scale details: when he’s not partying he’s doing research on micro- and nanorobotics in the School of Electrical Engineering and Automation.


ville_boardCommunications is in the hands of Ville Sillanpää, the PR manager. When something is happening in Aallonhuiput, he will let you know. Ville’s PhD is about stochastic modeling in retail logistics, and he resides in Aalto School of Business. When Ville is not building optimization models for milk cartons, he’s usually at the gym or taking singing lessons.


jmhannulaJari-Matti Hannula is our web admin. In addition to doing wonders to this web page, he is capable of reciting pi digits (!) and solving Rubik’s cube under two minutes. Jari’s research in School of Electrical Engineering focuses on analysis methods for electrically small antennas in mobile and sensor applications.


joseph_portWhen **** needs to get done, Joseph Hamuyuni, the board’s logistics manager gets **** done. He’s in charge of practical matters in Aallonhuiput events. His PhD in the School of Chemical Tehnology is equally pragmatic: as a part of his research Joseph is developing a thermodynamic database for oxide systems containing copper.


savage_portEducation officer Paul Savage is the board’s link to committees that develop Aalto’s doctoral study programs. For his PhD Paul is doing research about narratives of entrepreneurial identity. You can find Paul from the School of Business. In his free time Paul switches off by sewing and tailoring – he says it’s like meditation!


namkyuNamkyu Chun from the School of Arts is the chief creative officer. He’s responsible for bringing stylistic finesse and creativity to everything Aallonhuiput do. Namkyu is doing research about design thinking with fashion designers.



juho_port2Finally, liaison officer Juho Salminen maintains relationships to external organizations like TEK. When Juho is not practicing to play Didgeridoo, he’s doing his PhD at VTT. Juho’s work focuses on developing prototypes of pressure- and moisture measurement devices.



Stay in touch with us by using the contact form. You can approach us with questions, comments, feedback – anything related to doing a PhD. We look forward to hearing from you!



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